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Excel St. Peter

Intimate and full of personality, Excel Rome St. Peter, three star hotel, is described by many of our customers as one of the best hotels in Rome.

The hotel opened in 2010, owes its special charm to its history and prime location: Via Catone and the neighboring streets are an expression of a full range of shops and trendy boutiques related to a wide range of eateries, united in an area rich in art, culture and history.

The Excel St. Peter is located in a unique position in the chic central district of Prati. In a few minutes you can reach the Vatican Museums, Castel Sant'Angelo, the Basilica of St. Peter and the historic city center.


Harmony of modernism and classicism with a timeless atmosphere born from a reworking of styles and trends: this is the essence of this hotel, full of warmth and charm.

Roma e il Vaticano
The fashionable district of Borgo Pio - Vatican, is a quieter alternative to the bustling historic centre of Rome, it is rich in history and culture. It houses the Basilica of St. Peter, the most famous church in the world, and beautiful the Renaissance frescoes of the Sistine Chapel.
Located on the west bank of the Tiber river, the Vatican is just a few steps from the famous sites in Rome like Piazza Navona and the historic centre of the city, just across the river.
How to Reach Us

Via Catone, 34 - 00192 ROMA